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Vono products Plc was established in 1960 with the initial objective of meeting the domestic and institutional needs of homes, schools, and various establishments for metal and packaged beds.  The Company diversified five years later into furniture items, hospital products and foam mattresses in a bid to strategically position itself for the enhancement of its competitive advantage.

Our vision, which is to be the leading provider of seating and sleeping comfort and frontline manufacturer of beddings and high brand metal/furniture products, is aptly demonstrated by our ability as an indigenous firm to become the Nation’s reference standard and model in terms of both product quality and customer service.

Vono is a household name in the Nigerian Market with a very strong and enduring brand that has enjoyed loyalty of the Nigerian populace for five decades.  As a pioneer in the bedding industry, our products range are of international standard and highly diversified covering such areas as schools, hospitals, Government institutions, hotels, homes and others.

Aside of its specific product (bedding), Vono is always in a position to produce economically priced quality items to meet any furnishing requirement.  With its headquarters in Lagos, Vono’s presence is felt in every major geographical zone of the country.

Vono is a member of the Manufactures Association of Nigeria (MAN).


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